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Property Management

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~ Specialized high price and foreign tenant’s real estate company ~


Our company provides Property management services to domestic investors and overseas investors. More than 85% of our customers are foreigners, we provide services in English and Chinese. If you have problem about communication with the current management company or long-term empty house issues, etc., please feel free to contact us.

The advantages of our service

  • English, Chinese, Japanese, three languages to support your Japanese real estate matters
  • We have own English website (and using Japan’s largest leasing platform SUUMO, etc. for Japanese people)
  • We have own leasing agency team (to view houses every day with Japanese and foreign customers)
  • We provide “Explanation of Important Matters” document on the lease contract in English and Chinese.
  • Master lease service for tax payment on tax withholding allows your property to find a company tenant
  • Regarding tax matters, our cooperative tax law firms also provide services in English and Chinese
  • We will continue to assist with your selling activity in the future when you want to sell

Service Items


  • Provide the market information

  • Advertise your rental property

  • View your property with customers

  • Prepare Lease contract, etc.

  • Our transaction service fee: Brokerage fee (the amount of one-month Rent plus Management fee (plus consumption tax))

Property Management

  • Responding service (to lessee and building management company, etc.)

  • Payment service (Apartment Management fee, Repair fund, Tax, etc.)

  • On-site service (for example: attending to confirm the lessee’s problem)

  • Overseas remittance, etc.

  • Our service fee: Property management fee (5% of the amount of one-month Rent plus Management fee (plus consumption tax))

Lease Conditions


We will provide you with rental market information. You can refer to the market information and the advice from our actual work every day to decide how much to rent.

Management Fee

This is the amount received from the lessee just in the name of Management Fee. It should be noted that the deposit and the key money are decided according to the Rent amount.


The deposit is usually set to the amount of one-month rent. When the lessee moves out in the future, the cleaning costs and some damages caused by the lessee will be deducted from the deposit and the rest will be returned to the lessee.

If the lessee would like to have a pet or smoke inside the house, it will be reasonable that the deposit is set to the amount of two or three-month rent.

Key money

The Key money is usually set to the amount of one-month rent. The meaning of Key money is that in order to express gratitude as “Thank you for lending me your house”, the lessee give you the amount (This is a traditional Japanese habit).

Contract renewal fee

The contract renewal fee is usually set to the amount of one-month rent. For a general lease contract, the lease period is generally two years. So, the contract renewal operation is carried out every two years. If the lessee wants to continue renting your house, they have to pay the contract renewal fee to you.

Lease contract type

There are two main types of lease contracts in Japan. It may be different from your country, so please take a look and understand well.


General lease contract: This is a popular lease contract in Japan. As mentioned above, the lease period is generally two years. When the contract is renewed every two years, the lessee can continue to rent your house once they pay the contract renewal fee.


Fixed-term lease contract: When starting leasing activity, you decide the rental period. During the rental period, the lessee can still move out at any time. However, when the Fixed-term lease period ends, the lessee must move out even if he / she wants to continue renting.

Pets, Smoking

You can decide whether the lessee can have a pet or smoke inside the house (The premise is that the management rules of your apartment allow pets). It is generally not recommended to allow the lessee to have a pet and smoke inside the house. However, if you want to lease higher and more quickly, you can also consider allowing pets and smoking in the house.

Whether to lend to a company

If the owner living abroad is lending to a company, Japanese law requires that the owner needs to accept Tax withheld. Specifically, when the company as the lessee pays rent every month, a flat 20.42% of the rent amount will be paid to Tax office, and the remaining 79.58% will be paid to the owner. After annual tax return, overpaid tax will be refunded. Although the amount of tax finally paid does not change, but some owners do not like to receive less money every month and do not want to lend to a company. It is common for companies to rent a house for their employees, especially in big cities like Tokyo. Therefore, if you do not lend to a company completely, the renting activity may be affected more or less.

Lease Process

1. Decide on the conditions for renting

You can decide the conditions for renting as above. It should be noted that once the renting activity is started, it is not convenient to raise the conditions for renting. Please note.

2. Start renting activitiy

We will make a rental advertisement for your house. The advertisement is published on our website and on the Reins (platform for real estate agency), SUUMO, @home, Yahoo real estate and other online platforms to increase the awareness of your house. In addition to this, we have many customers who are introduced daily, so we can introduce your house directly to our customers.

3. A rental application and an examination of rent guarantor company

We will report to you when we have the rental application form for your house (gender, age, occupation, preferred date of moving, etc.). After passing the examination of rent guarantor company and gaining your approval, we proceed with the rental agreement.

4. Signing a lease contract

Based on the agreement between you and the lessee, we will make a contract.

After confirming that the lessee has paid the first payment (first month rent, deposit, key money, etc.), the lease contract is going to be signed.

5. Start property management

We will collect the rent from the lessee. After deducting the apartment management fee and the apartment repair fund etc., we will send the money to you. During the rental period, if there is any reaction from the lessee, we will deal with it for the first time. Some matters are handled in coordination with the management company of the entire building or remodeling company. Hope the lessee live with peace of mind while letting you get the rental income steadily.





~ 專精高價格帶,外國承租客的不動產公司 ~





  • 英文・中文・日本,三種語言來支持您的日本不動產事宜
  • 有自己的英語租房網站(針對日本人利用日本最大租房平台SUUMO等)
  • 有自己的租賃仲介團隊(每天都帶日本客戶與外國客戶去看房)
  • 我們提供英文版與中文版的租賃契約上的重要事項説明書
  • 源泉稅代繳服務讓您房產找到法人承租客
  • 關於稅務事宜,我們有合作的稅理士事務所。有提供英文中文服務。
  • 將來您想出售的時候,我們會繼續協助您的出售活動
Service Items



  • 提供行情

  • 廣告宣傳

  • 帶客戶看房

  • 租賃合約書製作,等等

  • 我們的成交服務費:租賃仲介費(一個月租金+管理費的總金額(外加消費稅))


  • 對應服務(承租客以及大樓管理公司等)

  • 代繳服務(大樓管理費修繕積立金以及稅金等)

  • 到場服務(例子:到場確認承租客反應的問題)

  • 國際匯款,等等

  • 我們的服務費:租賃管理費(一個月租金+管理費的總金額的5%(外加消費稅))

Lease Conditions





















Lease Process


1. 決定招租條件


2. 開始招租活動

我們會製作您房屋的招租廣告資料。廣告刊登在我們公司網站以及Reins(不動產業者專用平台)、SUUMO、@home、Yahoo不動產 等網絡平台提高您招租訊息的瀑光率。其他我們每天都有介紹來的客戶,可以直接給他們介紹您的房屋。

3. 收到租房申請書、進行租金保證公司審查






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